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Little Hoboken

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The kids are back to school we are settling into our routines but my mornings are crazy with packing lunches, finding backpacks and getting all the items and /or gear that they need for their after school activities ready. My mornings are so stressful and it is a challenge getting out the door on time and happy. HELP, what do I do ?

This is the biggest complaint that I get from my clients over and over again. I have created several routines and systems that are easy to maintain and make a world of a difference in how you start your day.

One of the main things is having an organized refrigerator and kitchen. This alone will safe you so much time in the morning. Everything in your kitchen should have a home. Meaning that everyone in the house hold knows where everything lives and belongs. All the cereals should be together, all the snacks should be together, all the drinks should be in the same place and so forth. That way there is no wasted time in trying to find the item that you are looking for since it has a home and everyone knows where it is. Leave the lunch bags out and ready to go the night before, that way in the morning all you have to do is start filling them as soon as you come into the kitchen.

In regards to snacks, I love keeping them all in a basket. It makes it easy for me and the kids to just go into the basket and pick a snack.

In the fridge, pick a bottom shelve to store juice pouches and small snacks that the kids can grab themselves but also it makes it easier for you.

The next area is your entry way or mudroom if you have one. This area is crucial for the start of an organized day. Everyone in the household should have their own hook, cubby or basket depending on your set up. The kids should have their own hooks and learn to hang their jackets or coats on their hooks. Shoes that will be worn should be right under the corresponding hook and if their is space their backpacks should be there as well. That way everything that

you need to leave your house in the morning is there and ready to go.

I know that this can be challenging but trust me it works miracles.

Ok, next biggie that will transform your morning is picking out the children’s clothes for the week in advance and yours too! I started doing this years ago with my oldest girl who is 13 now and it worked wonders. We would have these long drawn out battles every morning until one day I said enough of this. We started picking her clothes out every Sunday night according to the events and activities she had going on during the week and voila problem solved. She couldn’t complain because she had chosen the outfit herself. We would always pick an extra o

utfit just in case.

This also goes for you mom, especially if you know that you have an important meeting that week. It will give you enough time to send to the cleaners or wash if needed.

These routines will definitely make your mornings less stressful!

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