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Summer Organizing Tips:

1- School Papers- throwaway old school papers no longer needed. Get a head start for the next school year by taking the time now to create an organized filing system. Put all of the memorabilia away in a nice storage box labeled with your child’s name and school year. Create a file folder for report cards and important papers. Make sure all of the medical records are up to date and keep them filed so that you can

access them easily.

2- Coat Closet- this is the perfect time to go thru your coat closet and do a major purge. Donate any winter items that your children have out grown and will no longer wear. Donate any winter items that you did not wear and that you know that you will never wear.

Send everything that needs to be dry-cleaned to the cleaners if you are short on storage most dry cleaners can store winter coats for you. Wash everything else and store them neatly. They will now be ready for when needed.

3- Shoes- Do a major purge thru out the whole house of all of your shoes, anything that you no longer desire you can donate to goodwill. With sneakers however, you can drop them off at any Nike or Converse store and they will be shredded and turned into playground

surfaces and turf fields.

4- Photos and Keepsakes- This is the perfect time of year to go thru these items and update them. Start with your photos, download them or get them printed.

Create photo albums for yourself and to gift to your relatives. I have found that creating your albums by year is a really fun way of doing them and when you look back at them you have the whole year in review.

You can also get all of your pictures downloaded onto a disc, label it and file it. Keepsakes- go thru your child’s or children’s keepsakes and only keep the ones that you really, really love. You can take a picture of the ones that you are lovingly disposing off and keep the picture as a memory. You can also frame some of their artwork and display it at home they also make great Christmas gifts for relatives.

5- Goodwill Box- for the month of July keep an empty box by your doorway and everyday make it a point to put something in there to give away. By the end of the month it should be full and you will have less clutter in your home.

6- Beach Bag / Pool Bag- always keep at least two bags ready to go. Have clean towels, sunblock and change of clothes in them. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of running around the house.

I hope you have enjoyed these quick and easy organizing tips. Till next time, happy organizing!

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