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Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go!

That has been my mantra for the past month not just for myself but I have also been using it with all of my clients. It is such a great feeling to let go of all that we don’t need anymore and that it is not serving us. I have made it a personal mission to go thru every single room in my home and get rid of everything that I don’t like anymore, anything that is not working and I don’t want to fix, clothes that don’t fit and don’t make me feel good when I wear them, toys that the girls are no longer playing with, decorative items that don’t inspire me anymore and I can go on forever with the list of items that I released. As we come to the end of 2014 make it your goal to de-clutter and release the things that are taking up space physically and mentally. Release, release, and release to make room for all of the things that you really want to come to you in 2015.


- Set aside some time, it does not have to be a lot you can dedicate 20 minutes to each room in your house go in with a garbage bag for all of the things that are throw aways, have a small box handy for donations and a small bin for items that belong in other rooms

- Set aside the time immediately to get rid of the donation box weather it be that you drop it of yourself or you schedule a pick-up

- Give yourself anywhere between 5-10 minutes to put away all of the items that belong in another room where they belong

- For your mental clutter, make a master task list. A master task list is where you take a note pad and you write down every single thing that you have in your mind that needs to

get done. When I say everything, I mean everything! I make my master task list every Sunday night and everything goes on this list from pone calls that I need to make, to dropping off the drycleaners to grocery shopping, to setting time out to pick up a room, I dump it all on this piece of paper. Then I go to my calendar and I start plugging items from my master task list to the day of the week when I will do it.

The master task list is one of my favorite and most productive tools.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips. Please email me with any questions and until next time…

Happy Organizing !

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