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Is Clutter Standing in Your Way?

There are many definitions of clutter; according to the Webster dictionary clutter is “ a

collection of things laying in an untidy manner. “ According to me clutter is, things

standing in your way preventing you to live a remarkable life. When you walk into

your home do you start feeling heavy, overwhelmed and anxious? When you enter

your kitchen do you make smart food choices or do you grab what I call “clutter

foods”, which are things that are not good for you. When you retire for the night do

you get a good nights rest or do you wake up feeling tired? If you answered yes to any

of these questions then clutter is standing in your way. So lets change this situation

and start living a remarkable life.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

1- Start by giving yourself 20 minutes a day to de-clutter one area of your home.

By starting small you will be more successful, stay engaged and won’t lose

momentum. Get a timer set it for 20 minutes and when it goes off that’s it you

are done!

2- Create a home for all of the items that you would like to keep.

This is key to being organized and maintaining a system in your home.

Everything needs to have a home and live there. For example if you have a

small table by your entrance then perhaps you need a small basket to drop your

keys in there or a basket to put all of your incoming mail into. This is where

these items will live in not all over the house.

3- De-cluttering your Entryway:

First thing you need to do is, get 2 bins and one garbage bag. In one bin you

will put all the items that belong in other areas of your home. The other bin

will be for all of the items that you would like to donate or recycle and the

garbage bag will be for all of the things that don’t longer serve a purpose.

When doing this always ask yourself, do I really need this? Be totally honest

with yourself, it will make this process much easier for you.

4- De-cluttering your Kitchen:

Start by clearing your counters, this is so important and essential. Cluttered

counters = cluttered eating. Having cluttered counters lead to overwhelm and

not making healthy food choices. Go thru your cabinets and check for any

expired food, throw it away then categorize the foods you have left remember

like with likes. Set your timer for 20 minutes and have fun clearing your space.

5- The Bedroom:

Your bedroom should be your haven, your sanctuary the place that you go to,

to relax and rest. Take a look around your room pick one area to work on.

Do you have papers all over the floor or clothes on the floor? Again, get your

self a bag for all of the recycling one for paper and the other for clothes that

you don’t longer desire. Treat yourself to some good hangars and give your

self 20 minutes to work on this task. Hang the clothes that you want and bag up

all of the donations and recycling.

Hope these tips will help you get rid of the clutter standing in the way of a

Remarkable You!

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